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At the end of each year, when SYS-CON informally polls its globe-girdling network of software developers, industry executives, commentators, investors, writers, and editors, our question is always the same: where's the industry going next year? Every time, the answers are surprisingly different from the year before, and of course throw light not just on where the industry is going but also how it's going to get there, why, because of who, within what kind of time-scale - all that good stuff. Enjoy! Ruby on Rails . JRuby . AJAX . Rules-Based Programming JASON BELL Enterprise Developer, Editorial Board Member, Java Developer's Journal My predictions for 2007.... 1.  Incremental mainstream adoption of Ruby on Rails It's going to happen, isn't it? Keep an eye out for Sun's offering of JRuby. Whether this is the death of other open source scripting languages like Groovy rem... (more)

Intrinsyc Becomes an Accredited Symbian Competence Center

Intrinsyc was appointed a Symbian Competence Center by Symbian Limited. Symbian recognized Intrinsyc’s expertise in mobile device software development, as well as Intrinsyc’s contribution to the successful development of Symbian OS handsets. As one of only ten Symbian Competence Centers worldwide, and the only center based in North America, Intrinsyc helps handset manufacturers, operators, partners and silicon vendors reduce product development time and cost while improving time-to-market and quality. “Intrinsyc is now among an elite handful of independent companies approved as a Symbian Competence Center,” said Glenda Dorchak, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Intrinsyc Software. “Customers can have confidence that Intrinsyc delivers world-class services and innovative solutions to complex wireless technology requirements.” I... (more)

Overdue Innovation in Mobile

Why is the “collaborative source” development approach uniquely suited and required to drive innovation in the mobile-communications software stack? What are the early fruits of its impact? Out of the principles of open source and the particular market and legal constraints of the telecom world, a best-of-two-worlds approach is being forged: the collaborative source development model that is spawning overdue innovation in mobile. Openness in development, networks, and devices is encouraging wider, collaborative participation in accurately assessing real-world requirements and honing effective software solutions. At the same time – in an industry that until very recently was fully focused on proprietary software and heavily engaged in patents discussions, especially around 3G and 4G – major mobile players are now willing to engage in collabora... (more)

Mobility News Weekly – Week of November 17, 2013

The Mobility News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news and articles related to enterprise mobility that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting information that reflects market data and trends. Also read Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly Also read Field Mobility News Weekly Also read Mobile Commerce News Weekly Also read Mobile Health News Weekly Looking for an enterprise mobility solution?  Read the Mobile Solution Directory Here! Porsche Design and BlackBerry have announced the new, all-touch Porsche Design P'9982 Smartphone from BlackBerry and a second Crocodile model strictly limited to just 500 devices worldwide. Uniquely designed and expertly crafted, the P'9982 is exquisitely fashioned from high-quality materials and features a customized version of the BlackBerry 10.2 Operating System.  Read Original Content CDFA’s ... (more)

The Evolving Location Based Services Opportunity

From personal conveniences to life-saving services, there are plenty of niche markets to tap within this "killer app" of wireless data services. First, though, a strong infrastructure is needed. Location-based services have received considerable attention, and are frequently mentioned as one of the "killer applications" of wireless data services. Like all new technologies, certain applications of location-based services have been overhyped while others have been overlooked. This article provides a brief overview of the opportunity, while addressing a number of the misconceptions. One of the jobs of a marketer is to try to create concise "use cases" with which to explain the value of a product or service. For the last couple of years, players in the industry (myself included, I confess), have described the wireless location-based services opportunity by holding up a... (more)

Under the Hood of Wireless LBS

With 2.5G and 3G networks coming online in many parts of the world, mobile operators are looking to deploy wireless location-based services - not just for emergency location services - but for fee-based services too. Mobile operators are expecting these services to be a new source of product offerings and revenues. Right now, carriers worldwide are looking for ways to offer ser-vices that help them retain customers and keep down the losses created by losing hard-won customers - also called "churn." Faced with the need to reduce churn, and with market penetration of cellular voice services in many world markets near saturation level, operators are finding an increasingly competitive environment. As a result, they're looking for ways to differentiate their products and services, and generate new revenues. From a carrier point of view, location-based services (LBS) ar... (more)

LBS from Start to Finish - Everyone seems to want to tell you where you are - this is how they know

LBS is a complicated technology. Take a look at the ins and outs, from locating a wireless user, to the importance of overlaying this information with local street and landmark data, to the actual point where a person's location shows up on a computer screen with directions. The terminology for location-based services (LBS) is like most fields - foreign and filled with acronyms. Nonetheless, conceptually, location-based services are easy to understand. Essentially they involve variations of where am I, what is around me, and how do I get there (see Figure 1). The "I," of course, can be another person, an object, or even an event. Locating a Wireless User Location identification is a great convenience for cellphone users and is being addressed in a number of ways. For an LBS application to be most useful, the mobile carrier or the device needs to provide location in... (more)

Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials

It won't be long until a new product developed by Sybase hits the stores. Yes, I'm talking about Pocket PowerBuilder. For any professional (PowerBuilder) software developer, this should be reason enough to look behind the scenes of mobile and wireless development. Fortunately for us there's a book on the market that covers everything we need to know. This book, Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials, is written by Martyn Mallick. Martyn is a senior software engineer in product management and a wireless solutions evangelist for iAnywhere Solutions, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. He's responsible for the Pocket PowerBuilder beta program and is probably the best person to guide Pocket PowerBuilder when it comes to mobile and wireless development. Target Audience As the title of the book suggests, it's not for the hard-core programmer who wants to get the last out of his o... (more)

Real-time Business

Time. The most precious commodity on the planet – every year there seems to be less of it available. Less time for hobbies, less time to play with the kids, less time to sleep. Many long for a simpler age, when there were fewer pressures, fewer complexities, and more leisure time. Most likely that perception stems from personal aging, not generational. In fact, studies show we now have more discretionary time than 30 years ago. Yet it doesn’t matter; perception is reality. Ask almost any professional colleague what they want more of and typically the answer is time. In business, time, or rather its inverse measurement, speed, is just as important. Hence the old adage “time is money.” Many primary metrics for a corporation have an element of time embedded in them – productivity looks at how much work occurs in a given time period, factory cycle-time measures the tim... (more)

The Emerging Mobile Search Market

With wireless carriers like Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Cingular now vying for each other's business in a highly competitive market, while consumers play wireless carriers off one another to get the best rate plans and features, survival in the wireless world requires wireless carriers to continually improve the quality and service of their voice offerings, while looking at mobile data services to differentiate their brand, win new customers, retain existing ones, and drive new revenue. Many carriers have succeeded in recognizing new revenue by selling mobile data subscription services and mobile products, such as ring tones, images and games. A typical subscription service may contain news, weather and sports along with the above commerce items. This is a great situation for content providers - they'll increase their revenue with every wireless carrier... (more)

Can Cell Phones Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry?

If location-based services in general use the mobile medium to the fullest, allowing a person to experience the world around them as never before, then it's true to say Smarter Agent in particular gives new importance to the realtor's phrase: "location, location, location." Smarter Agent is reckoned to be one the technologies that will change the marketplace in the coming year. It obtains a user's location from technology built into cell phones and instantly returns data about homes and places. This data includes sale prices, taxes, and amenities about the home and neighborhood. "LBS changes the meaning of mobility in the same way the Internet changed access to information. Today, there are more active cell phones than landlines in the United States," said Brad W. Blumberg, CEO, Smarter Agent. LBS is the next great leap in mobility, Blumberg said, since LBS senses y... (more)